Online Document Processing

Written by Sierra Rein
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Safe Storage

Online document processing takes the hassle out of distributing numerous copies of mortgage papers by making the documents available on the internet. New technology has created a secure way to store purchase and sale or refinancing agreements so they can be easily modified or reviewed. Storing documents online can also save a mortgage company time and money that it would take to file and retrieve older closing papers.

If you are at all familiar with shared networks and documents at the workplace then you understand the process of sharing documents online. The file or files are saved for many users to review or make changes to and those modifications are immediate. This allows new users the opportunity to view the latest document without having to shuffle through different versions that sit on their desk.

Better Workflow with Online Document Processing

Let's say that you have just signed up new business and they want a proposal in their hands within the next three days. Instead of hassling your assistant to send you the document template for the request you go into the document repository and pull it up. After making modifications you can let the legal department know that you have finished your portions and want them to review it. They can do this anywhere they can access the internet and return the file for your final review.

Now you have the online document in less than two days and can easily email, fax or mail the proposal to your client who will be pleased at the quick turnaround time. If changes are needed all that is required is logging on to the system, making alterations and resubmitting the document for the customer's review. Customers will be amazed at the service they receive and how rapidly changes are made with online document processing.

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