Online Loan Signing

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Online loan signing may still be a future goal for most mortgage processing companies but there are several firms that offer this technology. The products have many requirements because managing the mortgage process is such a large task and one that carries a heavy burden. It must be extremely secure and also restrict access to the parties involved in the transaction in order to ensure privacy.

A mortgage company that offers online loan signing has many advantages over another that does not because of the flexibility the system offers. Despite this advantage, customers may be somewhat reluctant to use the program if they feel the information and signature are not properly secured on another site. An important aspect of any online signing tool is that there is a seamless route to review and authorize the documents.

Designed for Your Company

After locating a signing program it should be determined if that software will mesh with any interfaces or applications that are currently used. The site should have a look and feel that blends with your current internet site and is customizable to match your desires. User friendly interfaces and online help should be available for all clients to use in order to ease the process of signing online.

Secure Online Loan Signing

Security of documents and personal information is as important as ever because of identity theft and other privacy guidelines. All online products that allow access to many users must be secure enough to prevent hackers from retrieving customer information or proposed agreements. The data should be encrypted and secure on all internet pages, not just the ones where users submit information.

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