Real Estate Documents

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Real estate documents are well-known for the clutter and headaches they cause. From the moment you fill out a loan application until you close on your home, your pen will touch hundreds of documents. Depending on the accuracy and professionalism of your agent, you may or may not exceed this number of pages.

Hassle-Free Handling of Real Estate Documents

Having gone back and forth between the sellers' agent and our own, we had nearly two stacks of documents regarding our home purchase. Contracts, addenda, mortgage estimates and applications cluttered our home office for the weeks leading up to the closing. Was there an easier way of dealing with this?

Had our real estate documents come in electronic format, we wouldn't have had to manage the paper trail meticulously. Instead of waiting for the agents to acquire our signatures on applications and purchasing statements, that information could be gathered instantly. We may have even had the opportunity to track the progress of our loan throughout the entire home-buying process.

Transitioning to Electronic Solutions

Since many lenders and real estate agents rely on traditional methods of documentation, very few buyers and sellers are experiencing the benefits of electronic technology. If you'd like to upgrade your existing procedures, you can do so today by clicking on the link above. To take the next step toward eliminating unnecessary paper, learn more about third party, electronic signing agencies.

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