Signing Agent

Written by Jessica Duquette
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A signing agent is a specialized notary public that has experience in obtaining and notarizing real estate loan documents. Many mortgage companies offer loans across the country but only have an office in one location make use of these agents to complete the mortgage process. The agents are relied heavily upon to verify signatures on closing papers and return the documents to the loan officers.

Working With a Signing Agent

Loan officers that use agents in different parts of the country must have a good working relationship in order for the arrangement to work. In addition to being dependable, the agent must also have excellent knowledge of the different forms that require review and signatures. Although a face to face meeting may not be possible, speaking with the agent and checking their references should give a good idea of their ability and work ethic.

One way to find out about a notary's reputation is to speak with prior clients or find out which associations they belong to. Getting in touch with clients or researching backgrounds can be a hassle so it may be easier to locate a signing network and choose an agent that way. A signing agent network will allow a mortgage company the opportunity to use one or many different agents in different parts of the country that have all completed additional training.

Its About Service

Even though an agent has little to do with the actual mortgage or loan, their presence and appearance at a loan closing can tell the customer a lot about the mortgage company. If the agent just sits off in the corner and points at where to sign then the borrower will be left with a bad impression. It is important to sign with an agent that has experience in the field and is customer oriented as their work is an extension of the mortgage company they work with.

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