Signing Service

Written by Jessica Duquette
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A signing service is basically a system where a certified notary acts as an agent of a mortgage company to ensure that all documents are completed. They will provide agents that are trained specifically for mortgage documents and can easily identify the required documents. In addition, these services have developed technology that allows them to track all active documents as well as archive past paperwork for easy retrieval.

Signing Service Process

After a lender has decided to use an outside company at a closing they contact the service and pass along the details of the transaction. The service will then contact the borrower/buyer to schedule a time for all the loan documents to be completed. The finalized documents are then returned to the mortgage company which will save the loan officer time to travel to the site and sit with the borrower to complete the paperwork.

Signing agents are responsible for overseeing that all the documents are read, understood and signed but do not retain any liability in the transaction. They may have to answer to the mortgage company should they make an error but have no stake in the actual sale or refinancing. A reputable signing service is important to find as they act on behalf of the mortgage company and ultimately service the customer.


Using a third party to manage the signing process will allow loan officers to focus on generating new business and not worry about spending time at loan closings. Additionally, contracting these services out will alleviate the need for a large number of assistants that supervise the document workflow. While this will be an additional expense, the costs should easily be recovered with additional revenue and reduced employee costs.

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