Title Signing

Written by Sierra Rein
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What Is a Title Signing?

Title signing takes place whenever you decide to buy or sell something of significant value. A home, car, boat or vacation time share will all require you sign a title or deed. This verifies that you are the rightful owner of the property.

In the case of purchasing a home, the title signing process is lengthy. Weighted down by hundreds of pages of documentation, both the buyer and seller are required to put their signature on each page for verification. The buyer does this in agreement with the purchase of the home, and the seller agrees that in exchange for his property he is collecting a lump sum of money.

Closing on a Home

Normally, an attorney, notary, real estate agent as well as both parties involved are present at the mortgage closing. After verifying the identification of all groups involved, the paperwork begins. Page after page, initials and signatures are required on each and every page. This process could take more than two hours before the exchange is complete.

Assuming everything ran smoothly with the loan, the attorney will then present the seller with a check for the amount of the home less any outstanding loans. The sellers are given the title or deed along with the rest of the paperwork verifying the mortgage. While the process is arduous, the rewards far outweigh the hassle, at least for the buyer and seller.

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