Connecticut Home Mortgages

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Long-term renters are applying for their first Connecticut home mortgages in record numbers for one reason--low interest rates. As you probably know, the current interest rates on Connecticut home mortgages are exceptionally low. These great rates are prompting many to buy their first houses, while prompting others to refinance the houses they already own.

Refinancing Connecticut Home Mortgages

In the past, a stigma was attached to refinancing. Taking out a second mortgage was something people did out of financial desperation. Nowadays, any homeowner with half a brain should at least consider refinancing. Interest rates for Connecticut home mortgages are dramatically lower now than they were in years past, and refinancing gives homeowners their slice of the pie.

Great rates also make this an excellent time to take out Connecticut home equity loans. In short, owning a house has never been as desirable or as powerful as it is today. If you are considering buying your first house, what will you need to secure a loan?

The smartest thing a first-time homebuyer can do is to hire a great broker. Connecticut mortgage brokers benefit their clients in myriad ways. They can use their knowledge to determine the best type of loan for their client, and then use their negotiating skills and network of contacts to go out and get it. They save clients a lot more than time and hassles--they save them money. A good broker may also be able to negotiate his way around money drains like PMI, or personal mortgage insurance.

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