Commercial Notes

Written by Patricia Skinner
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Commercial notes allow the owner of a business to raise cash through non-traditional methods. Instead of a bank approving your business loan (or not!) you can receive cash through asset based lending. Now if you don't qualify for a commercial loan, the purchase of your commercial note will allow you to find a funding source.

The selling of commercial notes also makes cash possible fast. Often a business deal or venture is time dependent - the deal will fall apart if it isn't signed within a certain time frame. A business note buyer, often representing a group of investors, has the liquidity available to immediately fund a project that would be turned down by a bank or other lending institution.

These investors can assist borrowers who are unable to qualify for conventional commercial mortgage or business note financing. The advantage is huge. Suddenly you have a private lender with unlimited funds who can tailor a repayment program specifically to the individual needs of your business.

The Importance Of Working Capital

Loans can be secured by commercial property, land, business assets, or the business itself. Selling business notes becomes a reliable source of business expansion, to raise money for your next venture. As a businessman or woman, you know that business is all about working capital, and the selling of business notes will ensure a ready supply of working capital for your business.

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