Inheritance Buyers

Written by Patricia Skinner
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Are you expecting an inheritance but you're strapped for cash before it comes in? There are people that can help you solve that problem, and they're called inheritance buyers. The proceeds of wills, trusts and estates are sometimes structured for payments over a series of years, or as one lump sum payment sometime in the future.

The rights to the proceeds from certain inheritances or trusts can be sold to a funding source, namely the inheritance buyer, in whole or in part. That way you, the beneficiary, may have use of the funds now rather than sometime in the distant future. And you can arrange partial payment if you wish, so that you still receive the bulk of the money when the inheritance is distributed.

A Source Of Cash

These inheritance and trust advance transactions can be a source of cash that is not readily available through normal channels. Banks will rarely give a beneficiary an advance on an inheritance, especially if the inheritance is based on assets that are going to several parties. An inheritance buyer can cut through the red tape and get you the cash you want, when you want it.

The inheritance buyer, like a mortgage note buyer or an annuity buyer, is not buying your inheritance. He's buying your right to specific payments. It's an investment he's making in a paper asset, which benefits you by creating an immediate source of cash.

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