Mortgage Note Buyers

Written by Patricia Skinner
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Mortgage note buyers can assist a property seller or a business seller in creating a note that can be sold to an investor in the secondary market. Mortgage note buyers do not originate loans or provide financing but rather assisting in the process of creating a note. It is ultimately the seller or the business who originates and provides the necessary financing to complete the purchase.

How To Sell A Mortgage Note

How does this work? Private mortgage note buyers purchase mortgages in any form. Whether your house is fully paid off or only partially paid off, whether you have a large balloon payment agreement or a wrap-around, the mortgage can be bought only after the seller creates the note with the buyer and the seller is poised to receive payments.

For the seller of the house, it entails agreeing to act as the lender of the money to help the buyer purchase the property. Then the mortgage note buyer purchases the note from the seller. The seller then has immediate cash, and the buyer is able to sidestep the stricter regulations and credit requirements of a bank or loan company.

The seller is the one who originates the financing so the buyer will be using seller financing. The seller can then sell the note to an investor through a mortgage note broker. Mortgage note buyers make the process seamless.

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