Private Mortgage Buyers

Written by Patricia Skinner
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Who are private mortgage buyers? Usually they are groups of investors that invest in mortgages, land notes, business notes, and annuities. In these days of a depressed stock market, it's wise for the investor to invest in real estate as a solid value.

Plus, their investment benefits you, the buyer or seller of property, by making your sale flexible, quick, and accessible to any buyer with the requisite assets. Buyers won't be hung up on credit rating problems, and have to pay extra interest or points. Sellers can feel safe in converting their mortgage note into instant cash from an accredited investment group.

What Kind of Financing Plan Is Best?

Private mortgage buyers purchase a wide variety of owner financing. Whether you have a first or second mortgage, a wrap-around, a balloon payment, or a fully amortized note, finding a mortgage note buyer is easy. Private mortgage buyers will purchase any kind of payment plan written into the note, whether it's lump sum payments with all principal and interest, or interest only payments with a balloon.

Private mortgage buyers will be interested in investing in any kind of mortgage or land contract. For example, not only a house, but a condo, vacation home, or multi-family structure can be attractive to the mortgage buyer. There are even mobile home note buyers. Also business note buyers purchase mortgages of residences used for business as well, such as day-care centers and bed and breakfast establishments.

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