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Training Seminar

Written by Dana Hinders
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While correspondence courses can be a good option for some people, others prefer the hands-on approach of a training seminar. Training seminars are an effective teaching tool for individuals who have trouble completing self-directed courses and desire a more collaborative learning environment. With a training seminar, you'll get the benefit of immediate feedback from your instructor. You'll also be able to network with your classmates and learn from their experiences.

Training seminars cover many of the same topics as correspondence courses. Some training seminars discuss how federal regulations such as the Truth in Lending Act and Equal Opportunity Credit Act affect the work of loan officers. Other training seminars provide up to date information on specific issues such as sub-prime lending or FHA loans.

Training seminars can vary widely in price, so it's wise to do some comparison shopping if you're on a tight budget. Most training seminars have strict registration guidelines and will require that you plan ahead to get the courses you want. If you're planning to use a training seminar for continuing education credit, always check to make sure the seminar will fulfill your state's licensing requirements.

High-tech Training Options

If you can't find a training seminar in your area, you may consider enrolling in a "virtual seminar" that uses a live broadcast over the Internet to deliver content. In this type of training seminar, students can interact with the instructor by phone, through a two-way web cam, or by asking questions in an internet chat room. Sometimes, the broadcast can even be saved for later use.

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