Lexington Virginia

Written by Joy MacKay
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Over the centuries, countless families have called Lexington Virginia home. The historic Shenandoah Valley of Virginia has caused countless visitors to fall in love with the area, and decide to make it their permanent residence. Rich in history and culture, Lexington Virginia has much to offer.

Learn about Lexington Virginia

Lexington Virginia is located less than an hour north of Roanoke. Lexington lies only two hours west of Richmond, and less than three hours southwest of Washington, DC. With its majestic mountains and rural farmlands, Lexington is a feast for the eyes, as well.

If you're a nature lover, you will no doubt become impressed by the national forests that Lexington boasts. Forests border Lexington Virginia on the east and west, causing a magnificent bordering effect. Lexington also boasts four reputable educational institutions: the Virginia Military Institute, Washington & Lee University, Southern Virginia College, and a branch of Dabney S. Lancaster Community College.

If you have younger children, you can't beat the public school system in Lexington. For older children, a modern consolidated high school serves Lexington's 800 students. Nightlife is safe, but exciting, with never a lack of events to attend or things to do.

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