Amazon Play Stand

Written by Jill Morrison
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An Amazon play stand is designed for use by Amazon birds that are kept as pets. Examples of Amazon birds include macaws, parrots, and toucans. A play stand for these types of birds is designed to give them an open area to rest and play. Purchasing a play stand is a great way to give your Amazon bird more excitement and exercise.

Characteristics of an Amazon Play Stand

An Amazon play stand is a separate item and is usually not used inside a cage. Most play stands are situated on a cart with a tray on top of the cart. Above the tray, a toy hanger and perch are attached. You can hang toys from the toy hanger, such as rope toys with beads or wooden blocks attached. Birds can play with these toys and rest on the perch below the toys when they are tired.

The tray on an Amazon play stand is designed to catch bird dropping that you would not want to fall on the floor. Most trays come with a removable grate for easy clean-up. The cart, where the tray and hanger rest, is available in different sizes. Some carts are adjustable as well. You can adjust the height so it will fit into any room or so it will be the same height as your bird cage.

Play stands for Amazon birds are a great investment because they will give your bird more excitement and happiness. The exercise involved with using a play stand is also very beneficial to the health of your bird. The exercise will help your bird to be fit, strong, and to live longer. It may also help to prevent arthritis.

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