Bird Cage Supplies

Written by Jill Morrison
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The decision to own a pet bird should be carefully considered. A large bird is a more expensive investment than a small bird. Thorough research must be done to insure that the correct cage is chosen for each specific type of bird. Once the cage and the bird are selected, attention must be given to bird cage supplies.

Types of Bird Cage Supplies

Multiple food dishes are recommended. One would be for dry foods, one for wet foods or treats, and one for water. Many dishes have locking devices to discourage attempts by the bird to dump the contents. Seed catching devices are available which surround the cage to catch food and debris. Many birds like to fling food and other items out of the cage.

When purchasing bird cage supplies, consideration of perches is very important. A variety of perches with different materials and thicknesses are needed. Some excellent choices are natural branch perches, cement perches, wood dowel perches, and plastic or acrylic perches. Placement of perches is important to assure that droppings do not get into food and water cups. Varying sizes help to exercise the bird's feet and improve strength and dexterity.

Many other bird cage supplies are available. Swings are a good choice for entertainment and exercise. They strengthen and tone muscles and help prevent arthritis. Toys are necessary to prevent loneliness, boredom, and emotional problems. Enjoyable toy materials include colorful ropes with knots, wooden beads or spools, and leather. Litter and litter scoops must also be investigated.

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