Bird Cups

Written by Jill Morrison
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Bird cups can be used to hold various materials in bird cages. They most commonly hold bird seed and water. You can find many different shapes and sizes of cups for your bird cage. The size of cups you purchase will have to do with the size of your bird and bird cage. Larger birds will need larger cups because they will eat and drink more than smaller birds.

Types of Bird Cups

There are a few different types of bird cups available to purchase. They can be made from one of many choices in materials. Some common choices of materials include ceramic, stainless steel, and plastic. You may also find cups made from wood, or mesh bag versions of cup feeders. Wood and mesh feeders are most commonly used to feed outdoor birds.

Bird cups can be placed in various locations in a bird cage. They are typically attached to the side of the cage. The cups can be attached with a hook, clamp, clip, wire, or screw. You can hand some cups from the side wall or the top of the cage. Others have to be secured to certain areas of bird cages. Make sure that the cup you choose will work with the cage you own.

Bird feeder cups are a necessary item for all bird cages. Birds will not survive without food and water. It is important to keep feeder cups at a high level, so droppings will not fall into the cups. Some perches for birds allow feeder cups to be attached to the perch. Then, birds can feed while resting on the perch.

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