Bird Flight Cages

Written by Jill Morrison
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Bird flight cages allow for birds to fly around in their cage, whenever they choose. Certain types of birds need to be able to fly and exercise their muscles or their health will be compromised. When you place your bird in a flight cage, your pet will greatly appreciate the space to fly. Giving birds ample opportunities to fly will make them happy and more likely to live long.

Purchasing Bird Flight Cages

Bird flight cages can be purchased from pet stores, or online. You should choose a cage that is relative to the size of bird you own. Cages should be designed to have plenty of space for birds to fly comfortably. Yet, they should also have perches, or resting areas, for birds as well.

Most birds need to exercise by flying otherwise they will not live long. The muscles used to power wings are the same muscles used for laying eggs. Hens can lay eggs whether or not they have encountered a male bird. These muscles used in the process run the length of the bird's body and are strengthened by fling often. Exercise in general is also great for the health of birds.

There are some instances when you should not purchase bird flight cages. If your bird is sick, or has anxiety problems, a flight cage could be a detriment. Birds that are adjusted to smaller cages may also not adjust well to a flight cage. If your bird is transferred from small cage to a large cage after a period of six months or more in a small cage, it could suffer from stress, confusion, or fear of the new open space.

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