Bird Litter

Written by Jill Morrison
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Bird litter is a necessary supply item for bird cages. Without litter in your bird cage, you will have to deal with messy clean-ups, additional bacteria, bad smelling cages, and unsanitary conditions for your bird. Litter catches and holds bird droppings so the do not stick to the bottom of your bird cage. Then, you can periodically scoop out used litter and replace the cage with fresh litter.

Bird Litter Options

There are a few different options of bird litter products that you can purchase. You can find these products in pet stores or by ordering them online. You should look for litter products made from materials that do not absorb liquids from droppings well. Then, bacteria, mold, and fungus will be less likely to grow in the bottom of your cage.

Critter Litter is the most popular and respected type of bird litter on the market. This product is made from crushed walnut shells which do not absorb liquids. So, bacteria rarely grow in this litter. This product can be placed in the bottom of your bird cage and scooped out when you see fit. You can purchase this product in various package sizes as well.

When you purchase litter for your bird cage, you will also need to purchase a litter scooper. The ultra scoop is on r of the best scoops available. It is large for easy clean up. You can choose a scooper based on the size of your bird cage. Yet, large scoops are always the easiest to work with, regardless of the cage size.

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