Bird Play Stands

Written by Jill Morrison
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Bird play stands can provide your pet bird with a more interesting and exciting environment. The amount of activity your bird will perform when playing with toys on the stand will also provide great exercise. A high amount of activity is recommended so birds can maintain health, strength, and prevent arthritis. Play stands will give your bird the exercise it needs and will also make your bird happier.

Qualities of Bird Play Stands

Bird play stands are typically separate from the bird cage. You could simply hang toys from the inside of your cage, but your bird may still feel cramped in this situation. Allowing your bird some space to move is generally appreciated and helpful for pet birds. After all, in their natural habitat, they have the freedom to fly, move, and play when and where they please.

Bird play stands typically consist of a cart with a tray, a perch, and a toy hanger. The tray rests on top of the cart and the hanger is attached above the tray. Toys can be attached so they hang down from the hanger. The perch is located below the hanger, just above the tray and serves as a resting area for the bird. Your bird will climb and grab onto the hanging toys for fun. Any bird droppings in the process will be caught on the tray, so they will not fall on the floor.

Play stands are available in different sizes and colors. Plain black or white are the most common choices of colors. But, you can choose one that will work best with the room you have and the color of your bird cage. You will have to purchase your own toys separately to hang from the hanger of your play stand. Your bird will greatly appreciate the purchase of a play stand for your household.

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