Bird Stands

Written by Jill Morrison
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Bird Stands are a separate accessory from your bird cage. Some stands can be placed inside a cage for your pet bird. Most stands are larger and are designed to sit on top of, or outside of your bird cage. You can choose a stand with a resting perch, with play toys, or with both of these things.

Options in Bird Stands

There are many different types of bird stands that you can purchase. A stand with a perch is a common choice. Many stores will offer perch stands made from real wood that will please your bird. Some types of wood, such as manzanita, are very durable and are also great for the health of your bird. The irregularly shaped wood helps to improve balance and strengthen the leg muscles of your bird.

Bird play stands are another option. These stands are placed outside of the cage. They often come with a stand, a tray, and a toy hanger above the tray. You can hang any bird toys from the toy hanger and the tray will catch any droppings that you do not want to fall on your floor. This is a great way to give your bird exercise and entertainment in the open air.

Bird stands can be purchased in most pet stores and quite easily online. They are a good investment because your bird will be happier and healthier when they have a chance to use them. The exercise in the open, the natural branch perches, and the dangling toys help birds to feel as though they are playing in the trees. The extra exercise will also make your bird more fit and strong, so your pet will be more like to live long.

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