Bird Supplies

Written by Jill Morrison
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There are many considerations to make when you choose to own a bird as a pet. Owning a large bird as opposed to a small bird will generally be more expensive. You may want to research the type of bird cage that would be most appropriate for the type of bird you own. Once you have selected the bird you want to own and a cage, you must consider your choices in bird supplies.

Options in Bird Supplies

When purchasing bird supplies, it is important to consider the different types of bird perches. You can find a variety of bird perches in different sizes and made from different materials. Good choices of perch materials include natural branch perches, wood dowel perches, plastic, acrylic, or cement perches. You should place your perch in a position where droppings will not fall into food and water cups. Varying the size of perches in your cage will also help to maintain the health of your bird's feet.

Bird dishes are a necessary item for your bird cage. It is recommended that you purchase multiple food dishes to hold the different types of bird food you can give to your bird. Dishes can be used for water, wet food, dry food, and treats. Some dishes will have special features such as an anti-spill design, or a barrier to catch food or debris that may have fallen.

There are many other choices of bird supplies that you can purchase from a pet store or online. For example, many birds enjoy using swings for fun and exercise. You can also purchase toys so your bird will not suffer from boredom or loneliness. Many different toys are available, such as colorful ropes with spools, knots, wooden beads, and leather.

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