Bird Swings

Written by Jill Morrison
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Bird swings are a great accessory for bird cages. They provide pet birds with an endless source of entertainment and activity. They not only will make your bird happier, but they also can improve the health of your bird. The activity level involved with using a swing can help a bird with stamina, balance, strength, and overall health.

Benefits of Bird Swings

When you add a swing to your bird cage, you may hear some new sounds from your bird. Birds will often squeal in delight when they are entertained and full of energy. Swings are appreciated by birds because they are much like branches that sway in the wind. They also allow birds to feel wind on their bodies, similar to how wind would feel if they were outdoors. All of these factors are thrilling and pleasurable for most birds.

Bird swings are a great way to give your bird the necessary exercise for maintaining good health. Swinging on swings will keep your pet fit and will strengthen the leg muscles of the bird. In turn, arthritis will be prevented. Birds may also balance on swings which strengthens the wing and chest muscles. Both swing activities tone and stretch the muscles of the bird.

There are a few different types of bird swings that you can purchase. A simple swing is simply a perch attached to a hanger and it can move in many directions. Some swings can have parts added to the swing, such as bird toys, balls, or wooden blocks for additional climbing activity. You can also purchase a trapeze swing which hangs vertically and can rotate or swing in any direction.

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