Bird Toy Hanger

Written by Jill Morrison
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A bird toy hanger can be added to your bird cage to provide entertainment and activity for your pet bird. Many different hanging bird toys are available for purchasing. Hanging toys are enjoyed by birds because they resemble branches or other things that may hang from trees. They also give birds an opportunity to climb on and play with a new and interesting object.

Bird Toy Hanger Options

You can find a bird toy hanger at most pet stores. You can also order them quite easily online. Many sites will provide adequate pictures and descriptions of toys to help you make a decision. Then your toys can be sent directly to you so you will never have to leave your home. You should choose a bird toy based on the type of bird and the bird cage that you have.

There are many different types of bird toys that you can choose from. Knot and string toys are popular choices. They may have objects attached to them, such as leather, wooden balls, beads, etc. Most of these toys are made with safe and durable cotton rope. You can purchase them in various sizes, so you would want to get a small rope toy for a cockatiel and a larger toy for a Macaw.

A bird toy hanger will allow you to hang multiple bird toys at one time. You can also switch the toys at any time to provide some variety for your bird. Most will hang the toys from the top of the bird cage which allows bird to play with toys freely. You can choose a hanger in a color that will match your bird cage, or the decor of the room where you keep the cage.

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