Ceramic Crocks

Written by Jill Morrison
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Ceramic crocks are commonly used as feeder cups for bird cages. Feeder cups hold feeding materials such as bird seed and water. Every bird cage needs feeder cups because birds cannot survive without a supply of food and water. Various types of ceramic crocks can be found. You can purchase them from pet stores, or order them online.

Uses for Ceramic Crocks in Bird Cages

Ceramic crocks are one of the most popular materials for bird feeder cups. Ceramic cups are safe and durable for use by birds. They will not break easily, even if they are pecked often by a bird's beak. Other materials that may be used for feeder dishes include stainless steel, wood, and plastic.

Ceramic feeder dishes can be placed in various locations of a bird cage. The location of your feeder dish will depend on the type of cage you have and where you wish to place it. Most will attach feeder dishes to the side wall of the cage. Others will hang feeder dishes from the top of the cage. You can also find perches that have attached ceramic dishes. Then, your bird can feed while resting on the perch.

Each type of ceramic dish may differ in placement and how it is attached to your cage. You can choose to attach your feeder dish with a clamp, hook, clip, or wire hanger. Some cages have a place where you can screw in feeder dishes so they are less likely to move or spill. Some ceramic feeder dishes also have an anti-spill design so bird food will not be wasted.

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