Cockatiel Bird Cages

Written by Jill Morrison
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A wide variety of sizes, styles, and materials are available when purchasing a bird cage. Careful consideration must be given to choosing the perfect environment for each type of bird. Cockatiel bird cages have special requirements which must be met to provide a comfortable home for your pet.

Searching for Cockatiel Bird Cages

Cockatiels are relatively small birds. Nevertheless, they prefer a large cage. In general, it is a good idea to purchase the largest cage you can afford for all birds. They certainly will appreciate extra space. Cockatiels are ground feeders by nature. Therefore, cockatiel bird cages should have a large ground area. This is more important than choosing a cage with extra height.

A grate should be used in the bottom of the cage. This protects the bird from bacteria from droppings and spoiled food. Ideally, a quality cage will have a removable tray under the grate to assist with easy cleanup. Ground area should be at least 18" x18" for cockatiels, but larger is preferable.

Materials vary for cockatiel bird cages. Quality housing should be sturdy and secure. Some materials used are plastic, iron, stainless steel, and acrylic. Bar spacing is important to insure that the bird cannot get his head through the bars. Other features to consider are ease of adding accessories and secure locks on all doors and openings. Thoughtful consideration to choosing the right cage will produce a happy, healthy pet.

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