Conure Bird Cages

Written by Jill Morrison
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Choosing a bird cage takes care and consideration. A wide variety of materials are used. Some cages suit small birds while others suit large birds. Conure bird cages can be relatively small since these South American parrots are not very large. Their intelligent, inquisitive personalities make it imperative to provide a secure, stimulating environment.

Requirements for Conure Bird Cages

Conures must have a cage that is big enough for the birds to be able to spread their wings fully. Since they are small, a cage that measures 18" x 18" x 36" would be sufficient. Conure bird cages need to be kept clean and cannot be made of a material that harbors bacteria. Conures have a habit of touching every surface with their tongues.

Bar spacing is very important for conure bird cages. Bars must be close enough together that there is no danger of the bird getting his head through the bars. Materials should be strong enough to withstand damage caused by sharp beaks. Rectangular cages are recommended since conures like to perch next to a corner or a side in order to feel secure.

Shopping for a quality cage is important. All doors or openings should have secure locks or latches. Conures have very narrow bodies and long tails. Because of this, they can often fly quite well, even when their wings are clipped. Safety must be considered when choosing the perfect cage for a conure.

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