Domed Bird Cages

Written by Jill Morrison
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Bird cages vary in materials and styles. Small birds can thrive in light weight cages made of plastic or thin metals. Larger birds need sturdy, heavy cages to withstand heavier activity levels and stronger beaks. Domed bird cages are popular and useful for both small and large birds.

Choosing Domed Bird Cages

Cages are usually rectangular, although some are round. There are many style choices for the top of the cage. Some of the variations are flat, pyramid, wavy, and domed. The choice is a matter of preference, but consideration must be given to how the bird will use it. Domed bird cages create more space at the top of the cage, which is where most birds like to sleep.

A domed top is useful for certain toys and accessories. The extras you choose could determine the style of top needed. Check to see if the top allows easy attachment of perches and extras. Some people like to place a playpen on top of the cage. This requires a flat top. Otherwise, domes should be considered when choosing a quality cage.

The goal when selecting domed bird cages is to provide a secure, desirable environment for the bird. All birds appreciate extra space to flap and extend their wings, to jump from perch to perch, and to climb. Dome shaped tops provide extra space which could add to the contentment of the bird.

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