Flight Cage

Written by Jill Morrison
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A flight cage is a large bird cage that allows for flying space. With this type of cage, birds can get exercise and they will also be happier in general. Birds that are happy and active almost always live longer. Your bird will appreciate space to fly when kept in a cage.

Purchasing a Flight Cage

You should purchase a flight cage if you own a type of bird that needs exercise from flying. Some types of birds need to be able to fly consistently; otherwise they will not live very long. Allowing your bird to fly will strengthen muscles needed for laying eggs as well. These muscles are the same muscles used for powering the wings of birds.

There are times when you should not purchase a flight cage. You should never keep a bird that is sick or that has anxiety in one of these cages. If you have already kept your bird in a small cage for six months or longer, transferring the bird to a open cage may not be a good idea. In this case, birds may become confused, stressed, or terrified of the open space and it could affect their health in a negative way.

When purchasing a cage, it is important to choose one that is relative to the size of bird you own. Larger birds that fly will need larger cages. Open cages should be designed to have plenty of space for birds to fly comfortably. But, they should have perches, or resting areas, for birds as well. Then your bird can decide when to fly and when to rest.

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