Flight Cages

Written by Jill Morrison
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Flight cages are a special type of bird cage that allows birds to fly around. Too many young birds spend their lives cooped up in small cages, without much room to fly. Your bird will be much happier if it is kept in a flight cage as opposed to a small bird cage. Of course, only certain types of birds need to be able to fly around consistently for exercise. These birds will especially need a flight cage so they can live longer and lead a happy life.

Options with Flight Cages

Flight cages allow birds to exercise when kept as pets. Without exercise, many species of birds may not live long. Muscles are also needed to lay eggs for birds. These muscles run over the length of the bird and are the same muscles that power the wings of the bird. Some hens can lay eggs whether or not they have encountered a male bird, so exercise is especially important for hens.

You should buy a flight cage that is relative to the size of bird you own. Larger birds may need larger flight cages. Most of these cages are designed to allow for maximum use of space in the cage. There should be open areas where the bird can fly and also resting areas, or perches, where the bird can rest.

There are certain times that you should not place a bird in a flight cage. If you have owned a bird and kept the bird in a smaller cage for a period of six months or more, you should not transfer the bird to a flight cage. Though you may think it is a nice gesture to your pet, the bird may become stressed, confused, or overwhelmed by the amount of space and health may be compromised. If you do want to introduce a bird to a flight cage, you may want to slowly move the bird from small to larger cages so the bird can adjust over time.

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