Large Bird Cages

Written by Jill Morrison
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A wide variety of materials are used for bird cages. It is common to see cages made from plastic or flimsy metal material. While these cages may be sufficient for a small bird, they will not be appropriate for a large bird. Making the right choice for large bird cages could be a costly initial investment. But long term, it will prove to be the smarter choice because they will not need to be replaced.

Requirements for Large Bird Cages

Large birds are heavy. They have very strong beaks and powerful activity habits. Consequently, they require larger, stronger cages than small birds. The cages should weigh between 150 lbs. and 300 lbs. The most common materials used are stainless steel and iron, with stainless steel being the most expensive due to its no-rust, easy-to-clean advantages.

Large bird cages need sturdy frames with bars that are welded to the frame. The bar spacing is important to insure that the bird cannot wedge his head between the bars. Vertical bars are stronger but horizontal bars make climbing and attaching accessories easier. Many choices are available. A good choice would be a cage with a combination of horizontal and vertical bars.

Cages are usually rectangular, but round cages are available. Many believe that birds need a side or a corner to perch near. Therefore, a round cage may make a bird less secure. Large bird cages should be investigated thoroughly before a choice is made. Every bird deserves an appropriate home.

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