Litter Scoops

Written by Jill Morrison
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Litter scoops are a recommend item if you own a pet bird. Almost all bird cages are designed to hold bird litter at the bottom of the cage. You can scoop out old litter with a scoop and then refill the cage with fresh litter. A good scooper will make litter clean-up easy and effective.

Uses for Litter Scoops

Litter scoops can help you to clean and maintain your bird cage. Without cleaning the litter out of your bird cage regularly, you will expose your bird to unsanitary conditions, and your room may acquire a rotten smell. Before litter begins to produce these effects, you should scoop it out of the cage, throw it in the garbage, and spread a new layer of litter on the bottom of the cage.

There are many different sizes of litter scoops available. You can purchase a scoop that is relative to the size of bird cage you own. However, larger scoops are always easier to work with, regardless of the size of cage you have. The Ultra Scoop is highly recommended for most bird cage. It is a large scooper with holes in the bottom for catching more debris than most scooper models.

In addition to the type of litter scoop you purchase, the type of cage you have will make a difference in how easy your clean-up process will be. You may want to consider a bird cage with a removable tray at the bottom. Litter is much easier to scoop out of these cages. Maintaining a clean cage is important for the health and happiness of your bird.

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