Macaw Bird Cages

Written by Jill Morrison
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A large bird such as a macaw requires an investment of time as well as equipment. The right cage is very important. Macaws have strong beaks which can cause damage to the wrong type of cage, such as plastic or flimsy metal. When shopping for macaw bird cages, there are many quality choices available.

Shopping for Macaw Bird Cages

Strength and durability are very important for a bird cage. The size of the cage must be large for a macaw. Depending upon size and material, a large bird cage can weigh between 150 lbs. and 300 lbs. Good choices for material are stainless steel and iron. When shopping for quality macaw bird cages, choosing one with bars that are 6 mm thick would be wise. Macaws have strong beaks and need thick bars on their cages.

Other features to consider are the ability to take the cage apart easily and to order spare parts and accessories. Large cages should be on casters for easy moving. A large door opening is useful for reaching into the cage. There should be several different types of perches in the cage as well as food and water dishes.

Macaw bird cages must have properly spaced bars to insure the safety of the bird. Vertical bars are stronger, but horizontal bars are more useful for climbing and attaching accessories. All bars should be welded to the frame. A good choice would be a cage with a combination of vertical and horizontal bars.

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