Manzanita Perches

Written by Jill Morrison
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Manzanita perches are made from high-quality Manzanita wood. Manzanita wood is safe, non-toxic, and is the 8th strongest type of wood in the world. Its branches curve naturally and have a tendency to crack. Yet, the wood will remain safe and durable for your pet bird, even with cracking.

Options in Manzanita Perches

There are many different shapes and sizes of Manzanita perches. The size you purchase will depend on the size of bird you own and the size of your bird cage. You may also want to purchase more than one type of perch so your bird can have some variety with landing areas in the cage. Your bird will appreciate natural types of wood perches and various landing areas in the cage.

Manzanita wood curves naturally and has irregularly shaped branches. Believe it or not, this irregularity is actually good for the feet of your bird. With branches that contribute to the health of your bird, your pet will be more happy overall and more likely to live long. Manzanita wood is favored by birds and feels much like a natural landing perch on a tree.

Manzanita wood can be used by various types of birds, including canaries, lovebirds, parakeets, and finches. Thicker limbs may also be used in parrot cages. You can find Manzanita perches in various pet stores. The most easy and convenient way to purchase perches is by looking online. Many websites will have discounts on Manzanita wood perches and will ship them directly to you.

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