Manzanita Wood

Written by Jill Morrison
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Manzanita wood is a high-quality and safe hard wood. In fact, it's the 8th hardest type of wood in the world. This wood has a tendency to crack, but cracking is a natural process for this type of wood. Even with small cracks in the wood, it will remain safe and durable.

Uses for Manzanita Wood

Manzanita wood curves naturally and forms irregularly shaped branches. For this reason, this wood is commonly used for perches in bird cages. The curved, irregular branches are actually helpful for the feet of birds. With healthy feet, your bird will be happier in its environment and will be more likely to remain healthy and to live long.

Manzanita wood is great for finches, parakeets, lovebirds, and canaries. Thicker limbs of this wood can also be enjoyed by parrots. You can choose a Manzanita perch in various sizes, depending on the size of your bird. The size of your bird cage may also make a difference in the amount and sizes of Manzanita perches that you can purchase.

You can find Manzanita perches in various locations. Most pet stores will carry different types of Manzanita perches and other types of perches. If you know what size you want to purchase, your best option is to order this product online. Many websites offer discounts, and the process of ordering is easy and convenient.

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