Parrot Cages

Written by Jill Morrison
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There are many choices available for bird cages. When choosing a cage for a parrot, special needs should be taken into consideration. Parrots are large and strong birds. They have powerful beaks and need a sturdy cage to provide a safe environment. High quality parrot cages will be a sound investment long term.

Choosing Parrot Cages

The unique characteristics of a parrot make them a popular pet. Safety is very important when choosing a cage. Parrots have been known to undo bolts and unlock locks. A quality cage will provide a secure, nurturing environment that is strong enough to withstand a strong beak and an active bird.

Parrot cages are usually rectangular, although round cages are available. Many experts feel that round cages are psychologically harmful to parrots. They need a side or a corner to perch near. In a round cage, they search for a secure resting place and cannot find it. Parrots are intelligent and need space to extend their wings, exercise, and play. A cage of adequate size is a necessity.

Some features you can expect on quality parrot cages are a grate at the bottom with a slide-out tray, casters, and bird-proof locks. Slide-out trays make cleaning easy. Casters are necessary for moving the cage since it will be large and heavy. Parrots are intelligent enough to open simple latches. Locks which open on the outside of the cage are helpful.

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