Parrot Perch Stands

Written by Jill Morrison
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Parrot perch stands are a recommended accessory for a bird cage or play stand. You can add a perch stand to any cage, as long as the cage is large enough to hold the stand. You can also place the stand outside of the cage on a cart, table, or on top of the cage. Perches are important tools for maintaining health and happiness in your pet parrot.

Options in Parrot Perch Stands

Many different types of parrot perch stands are available. You can purchase them from pet stores or online. The height and size of perch stand that you purchase will depend on where you will be keeping the stand. Some perch stands are adjustable, so you can move them to various locations for variety. Cement perch stands are designed to sit in one spot and can help to file down the nails of your parrot.

Table top perches are great if you enjoy moving your bird around with you. You can bring a table top perch and your bird into different rooms so you can keep the bird with you. These perches are recommended for birds that are well behaved and enjoy resting on perches in the open air. It is recommended that you purchase parrot perch stands made from Manzanita wood which is natural and good for the feet and legs of the parrot.

Training perches are another option for pet birds. They come equipped with a removable bottom tray, a Manzanita perch, and ceramic dishes. The stand is held together on quality casters and is durable. The removable tray will catch any bird droppings and is easy to clean. Birds can feed and drink water while on training perches from the two ceramic dishes that are attached to the perch.

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