Parrot Play Stands

Written by Jill Morrison
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Parrot play stands will provide your pet parrot with great amounts of exercise and enjoyment. Play stands allow the parrot to move freely and to have some fun playing with hanging toys. The exercise involved in this process is very beneficial for parrots as well. You can find play stands in pet stores, or you can order them online.

Characteristics of Parrot Play Stands

Parrot play stands have a basic design. Parts consist of a cart, a pull out tray, removable grate, perch, toy hanger and ceramic cups. The tray and grate rest on top of the cart which is separate from your bird cage. The perch and toy hanger hang above the cart and tray. Birds can play with toys hanging from the toy hanger and can rest on the perch. Any droppings will be caught by the grate and tray.

Parrot play stands are a beneficial item for birds because they give them more freedom and enjoyment. The perch and hanging toys resemble branches that hang from trees and sway in the wind. Because the stand is separate from the cage, birds will have the opportunity to play in the open air with more freedom. Birds are generally much happier and healthier when they have opportunities to play on play stands.

Exercising your parrot is important for maintaining the health of your pet. When pets have high activity levels, they will be healthier, stronger, leaner, and will generally live longer. Using the leg muscles for climbing and balancing can also help with arthritis. Purchasing a play stand is a great opportunity to help your parrot to be more happy and healthy.

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