Play Stands

Written by Jill Morrison
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Play stands are a unique accessory that you can provide for your pet bird. They are most often purchased as a separate item and are not attached to the bird cage. You may have toy hangers and perches inside your cage, but birds will get the most enjoyment from a play stand that allows them to move more freely.

Qualities of Play Stands

Play stands are excellent tools for entertainment and exercise. Birds enjoy playing on the stands and will maintain good health by doing so. The exercise involved will help your bird to stay, healthy, fit, strong, and to maintain good balance. In turn, arthritis can also be prevented. The best part is, your bird will be so much happier when provide with a stand with a play area.

You can purchase a play stand in any shape, size, or color. The most common colors are white, silver, and black because they match most bird cages. Some stands are adjustable, so they will fit into any type of room. You may have to purchase your own hanging toys for you play stand. Most will come with a cart, pull out tray, removable grate, toy hanger, and possibly ceramic cups.

There is a basic design for most play stands. A cart will hold the whole stand together. A tray is placed on the top of the cart. A perch and toy hanger are attached above the tray. Toys can be hung from the toy hanger so birds can climb on them, bite them, or hang from them. The perch is located below the toys and can be used for resting. The tray will catch any droppings that you would not want on your floor.

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