Pooper Scooper

Written by Jill Morrison
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A pooper scooper is a necessary item if you are trying to maintain a bird cage. Bird cages are designed to hold bird litter at the bottom of the cage. You will periodically need to scoop out old litter and replace it with new litter to maintain a clean cage. You and your bird will appreciate a cage that is consistently fresh and well maintained.

Purchasing a Pooper Scooper

Many different types of pooper scoopers are available to purchase. You can find them in pet stores, or you can order them from websites. Some scoopers have holes and other have slots in the bottom. Holes are typically more effective for collecting more debris and sifting litter materials.

You should purchase a pooper scooper according to the size of cage you own. Some cages are so small that you will need to find the smallest size of scooper available. However, in most cases, a large scoop is the easiest to use, regardless of the size of cage you own. The Ultra Scoop is an example of a high quality, large scooper with holes in the bottom and is most popular among the scooper models to choose from.

When using a litter scooper, you should also consider the type of litter you are using in your bird cage. Critter Litter is the best option of bird litter on the market. It is made from crushed walnut shells which do not absorb dropping materials. Therefore, mold and bacteria are less likely to grow in this litter.

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