Spray Millet

Written by Jill Morrison
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Spray millet is a special type of bird food that is recommended for most pet birds. This treat is all-natural and birds love the taste. Millet is grown in mineral rich soil and looks like a small branch of seed clusters. You can purchase it from pet stores or order packages of the seed online.

Spray Millet Options

There are a few different types and flavors of spray millet. Depending on where they are grown, you can find different sizes and textures of the product. Millet is natural and healthy for birds to eat. It is low fat and packed with vitamins and protein. It is also considered a comfort food for birds and they love the sweet flavor.

You can serve spray millet to your pet bird in various ways. It is recommended that you hang the millet at the bottom of the cage with a millet holder or clip. Make sure that the millet does not rest in areas where bird droppings or other hazardous materials may exist. If the millet drops to the floor of the cage, you should remove if before your bird has a chance to eat it.

Millet is the most nutritious for birds when it has completely sprouted. Packages of sprouted millet can be found easily and are generally affordable. You will need to purchase a millet holder or clip separately so you can serve the millet to your bird. You may also want to consider feeding millet to your bird outside of the cage. You can do this on a bird perch or play stand.

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