Table Top Perch

Written by Jill Morrison
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A table top perch is a special type of perch stand for pet birds. This stand can be placed inside of cages if they fit. However, they are most commonly placed outside of bird cages on a table top or other flat surface. You can purchase these perch stands from pet stores, or order them easily online.

Qualities of a Table Top Perch

A table top perch is simply a perch stand that can be moved to various locations. They are great for well behaved birds who prefer to spend time in the open air. These perch stands allow birds to rest in various locations outside of their cage. You can bring the perch stand with you into any room to keep an eye on your pet bird.

Table top perch stands are usually lightweight and made from high quality materials. You will need to purchase a more durable stand for larger pet birds. Cement perches can be stable and may help to file down the nails of birds. However, Manzanita wood is the most highly recommended material for perches.

Manzanita wood is extremely strong and durable. The branches are naturally curved and shaped irregularly. Birds enjoy this because it feels like branches in their natural environment. The shape of the branches also helps to strengthen the muscles of the bird and helps with balance as well. The balancing exercises birds endure when resting on Manzanita perches is good for maintaining good health and preventing arthritis.

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