Wrought Iron Bird Cages

Written by Jill Morrison
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Cages for large birds have special requirements. They must be strong, sturdy, and heavy to withstand the activity and weight of the bird. One material choice for a large cage is stainless steel. However, many people have discovered the advantages of wrought iron bird cages. They should definitely be considered when choosing a quality cage.

Benefits of Wrought Iron Bird Cages

Wrought iron bird cages are very strong and sturdy. They have the advantage, usually, of being less expensive than stainless steel. However, iron can rust if not properly protected with a paint finish. A quality cage will use a paint process which bonds the paint to the cage to prevent flaking, peeling, or rusting. The paint must have safe levels of lead and zinc since many birds enjoy biting the cage bars.

The weight of iron makes it an attractive choice for large birds. A quality cage should be on casters so that it can be moved for cleaning. Another feature to look for is a grate and slide-out tray at the bottom of the cage to catch refuse. The grate and the tray must be protected with the paint process finish to prevent rust and assure the safety of the bird.

The cage must be large to make a bird happy. Since iron is so heavy, many people consider a model which fits on a stand. This is a smart choice for wrought iron bird cages. It may be less expensive and allow the bird owner to choose a larger size cage which will enhance the life of the bird.

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