Cats Make Great Pets

Written by Beth Marlin Lichter
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The ancient Egyptians revered cats, worshipped them and domesticated them. When they died they were mummified and entombed with their masters. Felines and humans share certain characteristics which make for interesting companionship. Cats have very particular ways of relating to humans. They need a basic level of care, feeding and an area in which to relieve themselves, whether it is an indoor litter box, or an outdoor space to explore. Above and beyond the basic necessities of life, cats develop individualistic ways of behaving in the household, generally very amusing, creative, and affectionate. This behavior is greatly molded by the first few weeks of interaction with its new family. A kitten will feel secure in a loving, relaxed home and tend to be a wild and crazy kitty, playful as can be. Then it’s time to crash, curled up on the foot of a bed or a plush easy chair by the fire. Cats develop favorite spots for sleep and favorite games to play. Chase the string with the bell attached to it, across the carpet first thing in the morning and everyone wakes up feeling chipper.

Cats make good companions, expecially in small apartments. They don’t require much space, although some creative playtime helps ward off boredom. If your cat really enjoys the way you stroke and cuddle him, a great deal of relaxation and contentment can be enjoyed by both feline and human. There is nothing as warming and sweet, as having your kitty climb upon your lap and curl into a purring ball while you are reading a book or watching a favorite tv show. Cats are very sensitive to their surroundings. They can feel when it’s better to be somewhere else, maybe a quieter place away from frenetic activity and they are independent enough to enjoy that peace and quiet in a safe place.

Notorious rodent hunters, an added bonus of having a cat in the house, is the control of these pests, best kept out of living spaces.

Cats can live to be about 20 healthily. The way they learn to blend into the household, is remarkable. They know when to be present and active, when to be quiet and docile, when to demand attention and when you need a companion.

So little care goes into raising a cat and so much pleasure is derived from their company.

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