New Kitty, Home!

Written by pinakigoswami
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Watching a kitten become loyal to us and develop a strong bond with its new home can be one of the greatest joys.

If we are caring, patient and consistent, we will usually find that this process happens naturally. Soon, we will feel at ease about letting our young cats outside alone, knowing that they will soon return to the people and surroundings they love best.
Reinforcing good indoor habits in new kittens is easy because unlike dogs, cats love a clean and orderly environment. Use common sense and be consistent in your method of teaching, so that your pet can be comfortable in their new home....

Cats prefer their litter boxes in quiet places away from the areas where they eat and sleep. Most boxes are simple plastic trays, but you also have the option of buying trays with a lid. We think loose litter in a tray is easy to clean up, and is soft on a kitten's paws. Avoid using a deodorizer or scented sand as cats hate strong smells. And they are usually reluctant to use a cluttered and messy box, too, so it's important that we keep them clean at all times.

Kittens may need to bbe encouraged to visit their litter boxes, initially. Gently place them inside and wait until they eliminate. Eventually they will learn to go and use the box on their own whenever they need to.

Kittens should be kept indoors for at least a month before they're allowed outdoors. They need to get used to all the sights, sounds and smells or our homes until they are relaxed and unafraid. Also, this gives them time to grow fond of their new environment so that they'll want to come back to it.

Initially, they should be let out for brief periods during the day and watched. They may be reluctant to go to the toilet outdoors, at first, because their would mean advertising their presence to other neighborhood cats. For this reason, we should hold onto our litter boxes even after our kittens are used to being outside.

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