Clothing For Small Dog

Written by Jenni Wiltz
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Clothing for small dog is a specialty item that can bring in big dividends. When Abby set up her dog clothing section of the store, she intended to begin with clothing for small dog and branch out later into clothing for larger dogs. However, the profits were high and she realized that she didn't need to branch out into other sizes (unless special orders were requested by a customer, of course).

I asked Abby about possible reasons for the popularity of small dog clothing. She believes that larger dogs are more active and likely to need only protective clothing, such as outdoor blankets or rain slickers. Small dogs are also often indoor dogs and less likely to ruin expensive clothing.

Choosing Clothing for Small Dog

When ordering stock for small dog clothes, take into consideration the specific breeds owned by your customers. The more you know about the customers you're ordering for, the greater your ability to pinpoint just what they'll want. Make a habit of asking about the dogs when the customer visits your shop.

For example, if you know a customer's favorite color, stock clothing items for her dog in that color. Or, if you know a customer loves to jog, look for sport-inspired styles in fabrics like velour or weather-resistant nylon. It's up to you to choose merchandise that can and will fly off the racks.

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