Custom Dog Clothing

Written by Jenni Wiltz
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If a customer is looking for custom dog clothing, chances are she wants her dog to be demonstrably unique. Finding retailers that will do a custom tailoring job is important. As is the case with custom clothing for people, there are not many quality providers of luxury dog apparel who will undertake the construction of a garment from scratch.

The benefits of custom dog clothing are many. The pricing will obviously reflect the tremendous time and effort put in by the maker, which means a higher per-item sales rate for you. Also, the customer will know that you have the resources to find her what she wants when she wants it.

Why Custom Dog Clothing Is Worth The Cost

Sometimes the price tag will scare a customer away from a custom item of clothing. But you can downplay the cost issue by talking up the benefits of custom pet fashions. Always make the customer feel like he is getting a wonderful bargain based on the quality and workmanship of the garment.

Custom garments will fit the dog better than mass produced clothes, which are cut to fit a generic measurement based on the average height and weight for a dog of that breed. With custom garments made to his or her own measurements, the dog will have greater freedom of movement and feel less restricted. This is important, as all owners want their dogs to be happy, comfortable, and free to be their adorable selves.

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