Designer Dog Apparel

Written by Jenni Wiltz
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Designer dog apparel is such a great treat for both pet and owner. The lure of designer names is hard to resist, and the price reflects the quality and time invested in creating each piece of luxury dog apparel. Designer names with a history of fine work behind them often virtually sell themselves.

Even if your retail store is geared toward more affordable, everyday dog fashions, consider including several items of designer dog apparel each season. Splurges for birthdays and Christmas often merit the extra cost involved in a designer purchase. Also, designer labels reflect your customers' pride of ownership in their pets: they're worth it!

Benefits of Designer Dog Apparel

Because of the attention to detail in most designer clothes, you will have fewer returns and exchanges of merchandise. People tend to be loyal to a few designers. Once having selected those few, customers will often purchase new items based on word of mouth or the strength of the brand name alone.

You can really build up a loyal customer base with the use of designer items. I've known people who relied on a single brand for every stitch of clothing for their beloved pet. My former employer was one such pet owner, always purchasing her golden retriever's sweaters and jackets from the same designer year after year.

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