Designer Dog Sweater

Written by Jenni Wiltz
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A designer dog sweater is a distinctive fashion touch that belongs in every dog's wardrobe. The skill inherent in a designer's garment construction is immediately apparent when compared to cheap, mass--produced garments. Dog sweaters are the staple of any dog's wardrobe and aren't a good place in which to skimp.

A designer dog sweater is worth the money because of what you are getting in return: a garment that's constructed with better patterns, materials, and with a closer eye to the finished product. It was made with the comfort of your customers' dogs in mind and designed to last longer than factory--produced clothing.

Caring for Your Designer Dog Sweater

Your customers may ask you how they should care for their designer products. Like any piece of luxury dog apparel, designer sweaters have specific care instructions. Most sweaters can be washed by hand with a gentle cleanser, such as Woolite.

Do not put the sweater in the dryer, as it may shrink. Use a fold--up sweater dryer, and do not stretch or wring the sweater to remove excess water. Clothing that is made from rayon, silk, or 100% pure wool should be taken to the dry cleaner.

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