Discount Dog Apparel

Written by Jenni Wiltz
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The concept of discount dog apparel is an important one to define: what exactly is meant by "discount?" Wholesale dog clothes are often labeled as "discount," but what does that mean when compared with traditional definitions of wholesale? It's a distinction that's worth taking the time to explain.

Wholesale, in its traditional sense, simply means selling goods piece by piece or in large volumes in a non-retail capacity. It has taken on an additional meaning, that of goods sold at or near their exact cost of production. If a retailer offers you wholesale dog clothing for resale, investigate whether their "wholesale" means simply a non-retail transaction, or the purchase of material goods without a traditional mark-up.

Sources of Discount Dog Apparel

Some online vendors will be able to offer you discount dog apparel to resell in your store. Often they produce the merchandise themselves, sewing or knitting dog clothes on demand. If you enter into a contract with such a supplier, make sure you talk to them about the quantity they are likely or able to produce.

If you don't discuss quantity with a new supplier, you run the risk of contracting with an individual person who can't supply enough new items to keep your store fully stocked. Of course, individuals are a great way to supplement your stock, but if you want to supply yourself fully with online vendors, ask them what kind of volume they typically produce per quarter. They may be able to recommend other vendors that they know and trust if they themselves aren't able to meet your demand.

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