Discount Dog Clothing

Written by Jenni Wiltz
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If you're a small business owner, discount dog clothing can be a great way to broaden your profit margin. Abby's jewelry store was able to add fifteen percent to her first quarter earnings after introducing discount dog clothing to the sales floor. At first she thought it would be difficult to combine jewelry and dog apparel clothing, but by making her store pet-friendly, she drastically increased the foot traffic though her store.

Instead of presenting her store as a look-but-don't-touch boutique, she changed her marketing angle. She welcomed her customers' pets and as a result, they spent twice as long in the store, looking at her jewelry and her adorable dog sweaters, coats, toys, and accessories. She tied the two markets together with special promotions and discounts for volume shoppers.

Selling Discount Dog Clothing

In Abby's case, she used a local artist to promote both her jewelry and her dog clothing and accessories. The artist, who had already collaborated with Abby on custom-painted glass beads, was happy to paint her designs on classic ceramic water and food bowls for dogs. Then, to promote these products, Abby staged an open house for customers and their pets where they could meet the artist.

Just as in Abby's case, selling dog clothes takes a personal touch. The products she sold had been personalized, and customers were anxious to present their pets with something unique. Finding ways to customize and promote your merchandise need not be difficult or time-consuming; look for links with products you already sell and use your existing customer base as a springboard.

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